Alice Summers’ art

Flashbook of Alice Summers

Remember Alice Summers‘ art? She has already filled the guest spot with us several times and at the beginning of this year she finally decided to give up the nomadic life of a tattoo artist and sign on permanently at M.S. Good Old Times instead. And best of all: Alice has her latest book project “Romance” in the bag.


Alice Summers’ art is above all traditional and makes strong references to the history of tattooing and to the pioneers of this guild. If Alice tends to orientate herself in the past when choosing her greatest influences such as Percy Waters and George Burchett, she likes to break up the tradition with modern influences.

Romance is the latest book of a series of exceptionally lovingly designed Flash Books that Alice has produced over the years. The story begins in a flea market in Krakow, Poland, where Alice discovered an old album with blank black pages and thought of the Blueprint Book by Percy Waters. Of course she bought it and filled the pages with tattoo flashes and life. The result is her first book “Ladies”. At Tattoo Conventions this book was as popular as a karaoke joint at Mauerpark, which everyone wants to feel between their fingers. Alice’s books not only look good, but also feel good.

In her 4th book “Romance” you will find 32 pages filled with traditional Tattoo Flash and Wanna Do’s by Alice. Trying to put it all into words makes as little sense as queuing up at the residents’ registration office without an appointment. That’s why it’s best to just come and pick up a piece of Alice’s art. Please pay attention to our last post!

Who the f*%k is Alice?

Alice was born in northern Poland and has always been very creative. She discovered her interest in tattoos at the age of 16. Alice was also active in Warsaw’s hardcore punk scene and came into contact with more and more tattooed people. Finally she decided to learn the craft of tattooing. Curiously, Alice was not immediately taken by the art of traditional tattooing.

At first Alice thought that old school tattoo artists were just bad at drawing and therefore could not get into traditional tattoos. But the deeper Alice delved into the history of tattooing, the more she learned. And how Alice immersed herself! Today she has a considerable collection of flash books and tattoo books and carries the contents of these as background knowledge always with her in her head. Therefore it is not surprising that at some point she could no longer resist the timeless beauty of the reduced visual language of traditional tattooing.

As I said, the best thing is to make an appointment with Alice and come over. Just a look at her newest book is worth it. That’s why we are so happy to welcome Alice in our midst anyway and look forward to seeing her designs under your skin.