Claudio Labadia

Claudio Labadia ‘s roots are in southern Italy, in the beautiful city of Naples. That’s where he first got in touch with traditional Japanese culture through Mangas, which fascinated him from day one. His passion for drawing quickly led him to tattooing. Since then, and for the last eight years, he has been working in the trade.

Before his way led him to Good Old Times Tattoo in Berlin, Claudio tattooed in his home country, all around Europe and even Latin America. If he’s not working on a new flash or a painting, you can be sure he’s following his second biggest passion, which is martial arts.

It’s safe to say that Claudio did his homework on studying traditional Japanese culture thoroughly. Inspired by the masters of the past, his designs and tattoos reflect the beauty and harmony of the Japanese Ukiyo-e style. Never heard of Ukiyo-e? Ask Claudio when you get your next tattoo done by him, he would love to tell you all about it.

Why are we so happy to have Claudio Labadia in our team? Not only his Italian accent got us right off the bat, his solid and impactful design with bright colours and strong contrast are a great addition to our portfolio. Hannya, Kitsune or Yokai – Claudio has a huge collection of Japanese flash available to become your newest piece.

To call one of his designs yours, shoot us a message, call in or simply come by and talk to him in person, he always loves new exciting projects.

Before we forget, of course he also does Walk-Ins, feel free to come in and look at his Wanna Do’s and Flash here at Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin.