Matteo Schmidt


Matteo Schmidt was born in 1991 and is the youngest member of the Good Old Times Tattoo Team.

He owes his entry into the tattoo scene to his best friend Eric Jacobi, who has been tattooing for more than ten years. He is also the person who made Matteo’s first tattoo.

Constantly impressed and fascinated by the tattoo scene, Matteo quickly had the idea of becoming a tattoo artist himself. Following his high school graduation, he completed an internship in a tattoo studio and used it to collect first concrete impressions of the craft and to improve his drawing skills. During this time he has his first contact with Swen Losinsky. Before pursuing his dream, Matteo Schmidt dedicated himself to his passion for technology. He studied mechanical engineering and worked in various companies in Berlin. Towards the end of his studies, thanks to Sebastian Aurich, he got in contact with Swen, who then gave him the opportunity to prove himself. Through much hard work, Matteo finally managed to lay the foundation for his dream job.

He found his passion in the Japanese style and invested a lot of “heart and blood” in the topic. Regards it he is fascinated by the background stories of the diverse motif world, which he would like to propose to his customers.

A good relationship and mutual trust is important to Matteo, in order to give him and his counterpart a nice tattoo experience.