Nevus is a tattooer born and raised in Barcelona, where he started tattooing at the legendary Aloha Tattoo, mentored by El Monga and El Carlo. After traveling around the world for the past few years, he is now based in Berlin. You can find him at Good Old Times.

He was first introduced to the American traditional style, but also paid special attention to Japanese and tribal tattooing. This, mixed with his passion for folk and modern art, created his unique and recognizable style. He will take care that your tattoo lasts forever. Looking bright and bold for as long as possible. Furthermore, Nevus always has tons of original designs available, and will never refuse to revisit a traditional design.

Nevus over ten years experience, his willingness to new ideas and concepts and his background as a traveler, will make your tattoo experience with him a very interesting one.

If you want a tattoo that looks like a tattoo, but also looks like nothing you have seen before, ask him. He will always try his best.