Tattoo Voucher by Swen Losinsky


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Support your local tattoo artist

With  this order you get the Tattoo Voucher by Swen Losinsky.

The Team of Good Old Times closed the door cause of the Cornona-Virus. In the situation of COVID-19 you help with this voucher Swen paying his monthly bills and make sure the shop keeps open after the crisis. Thanks for your support we really appreciate it !!!!!


The Good Old Times Tattoo crew have worked on brand new tattoo gift vouchers for you!

The perfect gift

We all know the hustle and bustle needed to make a perfect gift for our loved ones. Somehow, it seems they already have everything. Obviously they don’t… though, it’s not always easy to figure out what they need.

If you don’t know what to gift someone with and you want to avoid the weird situation that comes along with a wrong and/or needless gift, it maybe is a good idea to let them take the final decision on what they prefer. That’s where a voucher comes in hand perfectly!

Personalized vouchers

To make sure that every customer gets a giftcard of his favorite artist, each of us have painted a unique tattoo gift voucher for you. Swen and Sindy had a huge success with their vouchers 2 years ago. Sebastian and Matteo have high chances to do as well with this new edition.

Japanese style

Matteo and Swen have created gift vouchers fitting their favorite japanese style. Matteo decided to paint a detailed black and red snake, called Hebi, on them. Swen has used the same classic color combination for his paeonies with clouds in the background.

Traditional style

For our traditional customers Sindy and Sebastian have painted some unique tattoo gift vouchers. Sindy has fitted two of her favorites together: a lady in a tiger costum, that’s almost a pity not to wear on your skin. Sebastian has painted his all time favorites of course: swallows and a heart in a superclean version.

As you can see, we put all our love not only into our tattoos. If you want to make a tattoo lover enthusiastic and happy, motivate him/her into starting their next project with us and help them out with a voucher from the artist of your choice! Stop by the shop for choosing the right one or write an e-mail to get a voucher by the classic post way.