Wanna Dos and Flash

Wanna Dos

The Good Old Times Tattoo team has taken time to conjure up some stunning Wanna Dos and Flash to propose to the right type of costumer.

In addition to classic motifs by Sindy and Sebastian, you will also find Japanese ones by Matteo and Swen.

Classic Flash

Sindy´s favorites are all kind of Classic-Flash. She already made 4 Sketchbooks full of inspiring, unique Tattoo-Designs. It doesn´t matter weither you are interested in a Tiger or Pantherhead, a Armund Dietzel Girl, Sailor Jerry Butterfly or same Circus-Flash from back in the days. Sindy will always create an own, fresh version of it.

Modern Tattoo Designs

Like Sindy Basti´s heart burns for classic designs as well. On Top he tries develop designs from the modern times into traditional ones. The own painted sheets are full of sharks, horses, roses, plants and other rarities.

small japanese motifs

Mateo is our specialist for small Walk In´s and Japanese Tattoos. This very talented Tattoo artist created a big variety of paeonies, hoju, yokai, oni, kearu and other designs from the japanese world.

Concept studies

Swen is our man for the big project. He dedicate his heart for customized big scaled projects. He works on a big irezumi gallery shown on the walls of the new shop. Please ask him directly for his big concept flash and japanese studies.

Original Flash for sale

Where to find the new wanna dos and flash? Inspiring line designs can be found in the Instagram stories on the Good Old Times Tattoo profile. Self-made flash-sheets are all in an oldschool version in the shop. These ones or other originals are on sale, with good luck, on the online shop. Simply select the motif on the massive wooden wall or browse through one of the carefully designed flash books and make an appointment.