Hannya and Snake Backpiece

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Hannya and Snake Backpiece

printed on

190 gsm

Hahnemühle William Turner


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Since years Swen dedicates every minute in studying japanese art and tattooing. This Hannya and Snake back piece is the very first print of his new series. Each painting is printed on the finest 190gsm Hahnemühle William Turner. Its rough texture is close to the original painting, therefore it´s hard to see a difference between the original and the print. Top quality thanks to our partner Manifest Projects from Hannover, Germany.

The Meaning of Hannya


The Hannya concept is known across cultures.

In Japanese traditional folk beliefs, female jealousy is particularly feared, which is why Hannya is portrayed as a female demon. Corresponding female attributes can be found in the mask. One of the most striking is the split hairline on the head. This hairstyle was not common for men, that’s why it clearly indicates a woman.

Everyone carries “demons” within them, if you are not careful and are obsessively guided by negative feelings. They will overwhelm you. A modern example of it in the western world is “Dr. Jackyll and Mr. Hyde”.

You have to learn how to control yourself. This obsession can give you a lot of strength and bring you closer to your goals.

The Hannya, as a tattoo, stands for being aware of your inner demons: you use them for your purposes always being careful to not let them use you!

Of course, everyone can create a connection to the design themselves, because a Japanese Hannya tattoo is simply a very aesthetic motif for small and large tattoo projects!

Covid 19

With  this order you get the Hannya and Snake Backpiece print by Swen Losinsky. The Team of Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin had to close the door a second time cause of the Cornona-Virus since 3rd of november. In the situation of COVID-19 you help with this support Swen paying his monthly bills and continue tattooing after the crisis.

Thanks for your support we really appreciate it !!!!!


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