Shuihu Zhuan backpiepe design by claudio

the Chinese Shuihu Zhuan

Ever heard of the Chinese Shuihu Zhuan? For most people, it probably sounds like a menu at their favorite Asian restaurant in Berlin-Moabit. However, few people know that these are Chinese Robin Hoods and that Shuihu Zhuan are the model for the Japanese Suikoden of the 18th century.  Shuihu Zhuan -more than just a fairy […]

colorful peony

The peony

The peony is one of the oldest plants cultivated by mankind and has been widely worshipped in Eastern Asia far from any comparison of its kind in Europe.  The rose without thorns in ancient times The peony was known since ancient times. Already 2000 years ago it was mentioned in the Iliad as well as […]

butterfly preview

The butterfly as tattoo motif

The butterfly as tattoo motif? Boring, one or the other might say. But whoever believes that butterflies are ordinary is on the wrong track. The soul of the deceased In ancient times, it was believed that the soul escaped from the mouth of the deceased. On sarcophagi this was symbolized by a butterfly hatching out […]

Benzaiten thumbnail

Benzaiten and the seven Lucky Gods

When you think about the word “happiness”, many different thoughts usually come into your mind. However, if you take a look at Japanese culture, you will quickly come across the seven lucky gods (Shichi Fukujin). In our upcoming blog posts, we will explain their meaning and origin bit by bit. We start this series with […]

koi with maple leaves

The Koi – A cult tattoo and its prominence

When it comes to the Koi, almost everyone has probably heard about this fish. Whether you are a fan of fish studies or you might have noticed its popularity as a tattoo motive, Kois are having a cult status in today’s culture and not only in the Japanese one. The Koi, short form for Nishikigoi, […]

rock of ages tattoo design

Rock of Ages

“Rock of Ages” is one of the most famous traditional tattoo motifs. The story behind this classic began in 1763, when a priest from a small village in England named Augustus Toplady, was wandering from village to village when he was unexpectedly caught in a storm. He found refuge behind a large rock in a […]

Owen Jensen tattooing chest piece ship

Owen Jensen – Tattoo Legend

Owen Jensen, born in 1891 in sleepy Pleasant Grove, Utah, first got in contact with tattooing at the age of 20 while visiting the ‘Buffalo Bill Wild West Show’. It was there he saw James Malcom, a fully covered tattoo circus attraction. Malcom got his bodysuit done by no one else than Charles Wagner! Two […]

Percy Waters tattooing Rock of Ages Backpiece

Percy Waters – More than “Just a Good Tattooer”

Percy Waters’ influence on modern tattooing may be underestimated by some. Not only had he a huge impact with his flash designs, but he can also be considered the father of the modern tattoo machine.  Born in 1888 in a small town in Alabama, Waters came in contact with tattooing in an early age. Circus […]

yokai parade

The Yokai world

Yokai who? Despite worldwide travel warnings by the German Foreign Office, we want to dive into the Yokai world today. Yokai are mysterious Japanese folklore creatures that can take shape in a variety of forms and species. They appear when the explanations of how our world functions are no longer sufficient enough to correspond reality. […]

Tattoo Artist wears face mask

Tattooing during the Corona pandemic

Tattooing during the Corona pandemic? Until recently hardly conceivable. Nevertheless, we are allowed to open our shop again as from 9th of may. However, the only way to do this in a responsabile manner is by making a few basic changes in our working organization. The most important thing: Don’t come by without an appointment! […]