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The Chinese Shuihu Zhuan

Ever heard of the Chinese Shuihu Zhuan? For most people, it probably sounds like the menu of their favourite Asian restaurant. However, few people know that these are Chinese Robin Hoods. They are the model for the Japanese Suikoden of the 18th century.  Shuihu Zhuan – more than just a fairy tale The Shuihu Zhuan …

Japanese Paeonia tattooflash

The peony

Mankind cultivates the peony plant since the most ancients times. Eastern Asia widely worshippes this flower, far from any comparison of its kind in Europe.  The rose without thorns in ancient times Already in ancient times the human being knew the peony. In Greek mythology 2000 years ago Omero mentioned it in the Iliad. The …

rock of ages tattoo design

Rock of Ages

“Rock of Ages” is one of the most famous traditional tattoo motifs. The story behind this classic began in 1763, when a priest from a small village in England named Augustus Toplady, was wandering from village to village when he was unexpectedly caught in a storm. He found refuge behind a large rock in a …

yokai parade

The Yokai world

Yokai who? Despite worldwide travel warnings by the German Foreign Office, we want to dive into the Yokai world today. Yokai are mysterious Japanese folklore creatures that can take shape in a variety of forms and species. They appear when the explanations of how our world functions are no longer sufficient enough to correspond reality. …