Halloween Tattoo Special

Following the tradition of Walk-In events, we organized a special one for Friday the 13th. Most of the shops usually do small flashes for € 66. We decided to make the Halloween Tattoo Special even more unique. Instead of focusing on quantity, we decided to better focus on quality. Our artists Sebastian, Sindy, Matteo and […]

Japanese Tattoo in Berlin by Swen Losinsky

Japanese Tattoos in Berlin

At Good Old Times Tattoo Matteo and Swen are dedicated to the subject of Japanese tattoos in Berlin, both in their own way. Tattooing has a wide variety of styles. Some are suitable for inexperienced newcomers, others need a lot of know-how and many years of experience. Japanese tattoos, also called Irezumi, belong to the […]

Custom Tattoos in Berlin

Custom Tattoos in Berlin

Good Old Times Tattoo in two studios For five years you have known and loved our Good Old Times Tattoo Studio in the Berlin Torstrasse. You will continue meeting our team as usual, that will fulfill all your tattoo wishes in the best way and with the best possible quality. Nevertheless, there is a positive […]

tips to a successfull wak-in tattoo from the flash of Good Old Times Tattoo

Tips for a successful Walk-In Tattoo

Tips for a successful Walk-In Tattoo In our shop you can get Custom Tattoos as well as daily Walk-Ins. Actually, Walk-In means coming to the studio without an appointment and, depending on our availability, being spontaneously tattooed. Given the high request for information, below you can find a list of essential tips you should consider […]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday,

Good Old Times Tattoo! Happy Birthday! Good Old Times Tattoo was founded five years ago by Swen Losinsky in Berlin-Mitte. The Shop has since then thrilled its customers daily with long-lasting classic works in various styles. Thankful for the loyalty demonstrated in all this time by customers and friends, we, Sebastian, Sindy, Matteo and Swen, […]

Handpoke in Central Berlin?

We stand for solid tattoos that will stay with you forever! For fine line designs on fingers, palms, ears or other sensitive areas, Sebastian Aurich has specialized in the Handpoke process to achieve the best results for you.

Wanna Dos

Wanna Dos

The Good Old Times Tattoo team has taken time to conjure up some stunning Wanna Dos to propose to the right type of costumer.

Tattoo Cover Up before

Cover Up

Can you still see the star? Swen Losinsky has made a name for himself with his cover-ups far beyond Berlin’s borders.