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Appointment deposit

We put all our love, passion and twenty years of experience into preparing your tattoo designs. To make sure you get the most out of your experience here at Good Old Times Tattoo, please read our blog post carefully to learn more about the appointment deposit rules. Non-refundable appointment deposit Unfortunately in the tattoo world …

preview drawn on sketch during a consultation

Tattoo consultation

Curious to know more about a typical tattoo consultation here at Good Old Times Tattoo? Read below and learn more about it. UNIQUE TATTOOS In a world where everything is the copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy we stand for unique tattoos, made for unique people. How would …

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The Chinese Shuihu Zhuan

Ever heard of the Chinese Shuihu Zhuan? For most people, it probably sounds like the menu of their favourite Asian restaurant. However, few people know that these are Chinese Robin Hoods. They are the model for the Japanese Suikoden of the 18th century.  Shuihu Zhuan – more than just a fairy tale The Shuihu Zhuan …

Japanese peony tattoo done at Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin

The peony

Mankind cultivates the peony plant since the most ancients times. Eastern Asia widely worshippes this flower, far from any comparison of its kind in Europe.  The rose without thorns in ancient times Already in ancient times the human being knew the peony. In Greek mythology 2000 years ago Omero mentioned it in the Iliad. The …