sun dancer by bert grimm

Bert Grimm´s sun dancer

Another classic in the old school tattoo world is Bert Grimm´s sun dancer. In the original flash, as the native american girl raises her left knee, her right hand holds a spear. In her left hand she holds a shield with an eagle emblazoned on it. A red sun and traditional yellow roses are painted […]

painting of pharaohs horses by sebastian aurich

Pharaoh´s Horses Tattoo Flash

The Pharaoh´s Horses Tattoo Flash was a classic under the oldtimer of all Tattoos in the beginning of the 20th century. We will start our journey with this specific tattoo design to explore the world of classic tattooflash showing you traditional designs from America and Europe as well as designs from the far east and […]

irezumi bodies

The Rise of Irezumi in Japan

Swen Losinsky flew to London to the Hamiltons Gallery to visit Mario Testino’s exhibition “East”. The renowned photographer featured 18 prints that thematizised the rise of Irezumi and compromises two subjects matters; Japanese flowers on golden screens and vividly tattooed men intricately entwined. Flowers in the floating world The flower still lifes are inspired by […]

traditional tattooed vintage couple

Traditional Tattoos in Central Berlin

Traditional Tattoos in Central Berlin are done at the well known Good Old Times Tattoo studio. Classic motifs will last a lifetime and still look cool when you will have your Sunday afternoon walk with your granny team 😉 Eastern History Tattoos exist since a long time. The oldest one is dated 5000 years ago. […]

tattoo gift voucher by the crew of good old times tattoo berlin

Tattoo gift vouchers for you

The Good Old Times Tattoo crew have worked on brand new tattoo gift vouchers for you! The perfect gift We all know the hustle and bustle needed to make a perfect gift for our loved ones. Somehow, it seems they already have everything. Obviously they don’t… though, it’s not always easy to figure out what […]

swen losinsky is preparing a japanese custom design

Tattoo art and persistence

Your taste, our responsability At Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin we are always focused on Tattoo art and persistence. Our tattooartists are always happy to create the perfect design for you and to turn your idea into reality. Tattoos built to last This process is a dialogue between your taste in art and the possibility […]


Halloween Tattoo Special

Following the tradition of Walk-In events, we organized a special one for Friday the 13th. Most of the shops usually do small flashes for € 66. We decided to make the Halloween Tattoo Special even more unique. Instead of focusing on quantity, we decided to better focus on quality. Our artists Sebastian, Sindy, Matteo and […]

Japanese Tattoo in Berlin by Swen Losinsky

Japanese Tattoos in Berlin

At Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin Matteo and Swen are dedicated to Japanese tattooing, both in their own way. Irezumi Tattooing has a wide variety of styles. Some are suitable for inexperienced newcomers, others need a lot of know-how and many years of experience. Japanese tattoos, also called Irezumi, belong to the latter. Matteo Schmidt […]

Custom Tattoos in Berlin

Custom Tattoos in Berlin

Good Old Times Tattoo in two studios For five years you have known and loved our Good Old Times Tattoo Studio in the Berlin Torstrasse. You will continue meeting our team as usual, that will fulfill all your tattoo wishes in the best way and with the best possible quality. Nevertheless, there is a positive […]

Wak In Tattoo Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin

Walk In Tattoo Berlin

Tips for a successful, spontaneous Tattoo in Berlin In our shop you can get Custom Tattoos as well as daily Walk Ins. Actually, Walk In Tattoo means coming to the studio without an appointment and, depending on our availability, being spontaneously tattooed. Given the high request for information, below you can find a list of […]