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The Rise of Irezumi in Japan

Swen Losinsky flew to London to the Hamiltons Gallery to visit Mario Testino’s exhibition “East”. The renowned photographer featured 18 prints that thematizised the rise of Irezumi and compromises two subjects matters: Japanese flowers on golden screens and vividly tattooed men intricately entwined. Flowers in the floating world Inspired by traditional ‘Ukiyo-e‘ (pictures of the …

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Walk In Tattoo Berlin

Tips for a successful walk in Tattoo in Berlin How to get a successful Walk In Tattoo in Berlin? Easy-peasy. Step into our vibrant Good Old Times Tattoo Studio nestled in the heart of Central Berlin, where every day presents an opportunity to express yourself through ink. At our shop, we understand that sometimes the …

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Cover-Up Tattoos in Berlin

Swen Losinsky has established himself as a prominent figure with his exceptional cover-up tattoos in Berlin. Dive into our blog post to discover the best approach for your next cover-up tattoo here at Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin. Crafting Beauty: Transforming Tattoos without using a Black Square Our philosophy is centered around crafting exquisite cover …