Tattoo vouchers

tattoo gift voucher by the crew of good old times tattoo berlin

The Good Old Times Tattoo crew have worked on brand new tattoo vouchers for you! As you can see, we put all our love not only into our tattoos.

The perfect gift

We all know the hustle and bustle of making a perfect gift for our loved ones. Somehow, it seems they already have everything. Obviously they don’t… though, it’s not always easy to figure out what they need.

If you don’t know what to gift someone with and you want to avoid the weird situation that comes along with a wrong and/or needless gift, it surely is a good idea to let them take the final decision on what they prefer. That’s where our tattoo vouchers come in hand perfectly!

Be part of the same love story with our tattoo vouchers

Rome was not built in a day, and the same goes for big tattoo projects. Customers who decide to start this adventure might need to save up for months before to start a Japanese back piece or sleeve.

If you want to support your loved one’s transformation into a total amazing work of art, you can help them out with our tattoo vouchers.

The same applies for a tattoo enthusiast who has decided to bless himself with the magical experience of getting THE first tattoo.

Write a piece of life story with them. With our tattoo vouchers you can become part of the artwork.

If you’re interested in purchasing one feel free to pass by the shop for a short chat and get one 🙂

Your Good Old Times Tattoo Team