Tattoo art and persistence

swen losinsky is preparing japanese tattoo art made to last
Swen Losinsky is preparing a japanese custom design made to last

Your taste, our responsability

At Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin we are always focused on Tattoo art and persistence. Our tattooartists are always happy to create the perfect design for you and to turn your idea into reality.

Tattoos built to last

This process is a dialogue between your taste in art and the possibility to translate this into an actual tattoo.
We have to make sure that the design is actually tattooable and will stay solid overtime. This means that you might need to be open for some changes with regards to the original.
We do not judge your taste, but know what we can technically offer and know better how to make a tattoo that lasts.

The craft of tattooing

You may think that your tattoo stays where and how it is forever, but this is not the case.
We work on a constantly changing canvas, that will age, is influenced by the enviroment and is highly affected by your lifestyle (in terms of nutrition, hygiene, and so on).

You see, it’s a craft with many variables, because every person, skin and lifestyle is different.

Our part is to:

  • work out a functional design
  • figure out a smart placement
  • choose the right tools
  • execute a clean tattoo

How to care

Your part is to trust our artists opinion and to stick to proper aftercare. You can have a look at our precious post about the before and after care.
Through Swen Losinsky’s many years of experience in Tattoo art and persistence and thanks to the high preparation of his coworkers, we are confident to fulfill our part of this trade as well as possible.

tattoos for life not for likes

Ours is a shop that thinks about tattoos as something that should be more than just a good picture made on the first day. That’s why we considre Good Old Times Tattoo a real traditional shop. A tattoo is a statement that accompanies you through life and should stay solid through time.
So if you are interested in a consultation about your next tattoo, or you want to get a better understanding of why we do things the way we do them, you are very welcome to reach out to us and schedul an appointment.