Swen Losinsky

Swen Losinsky, Eigentümer von Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin, tätowiert japanische Tattoos, Koi mit Wasser auf einem Arm, worüber er sich sehr freut.


Swen Losinsky, better known as “Heavy Irezumi”, has made a name for himself with his impressive Japanese tattoos. From a very young age he was fascinated by the visual language of American Traditionals and Japanese bodysuits. Since 2005 he has been living his dream as a tattoo artist. Over the years, however, his focus has shifted from American Traditionals to authentic, traditional Japanese tattoos, developing his unique style influenced by both worlds. His work is characterized by a powerful and harmonious full body concept that reflects his deep connection to Japanese culture and aesthetics. Don’t miss out on his Instagram page, where he showcases his latest work!

Swen’s motifs draw inspiration from the rich Japanese mythology and iconic woodcuts, particularly the Ukiyo-e genre. His tattoos feature a harmonious blend of expressiveness and elegance, with backgrounds seamlessly connecting individual motifs and gently conforming to the wearer’s body contours.


Swen sees tattoos not just as simple images on the skin but as complex artworks. His work is a creative process where each tattoo becomes a unique expression of his client’s personality. Even with cover ups, he transforms past chapters into new stories, restoring confidence and strength to his clients.

His extensive experience in American Traditionals gives even small Japanese tattoos a unique twist. Noh masks, lucky charms, and Japanese flowers become attractive alternatives for tattoo enthusiasts who are not yet ready for large scale projects like bodysuits, armsleeves, or legsleeves.


If you’re not quite ready for a tattoo yet, you can still experience the timeless beauty and artistic precision of Japanese tattoo culture by exploring Swen’s exclusive collection of Japanese prints. Each piece captures the essence of traditional Japanese motifs, from majestic dragons to delicate cherry blossoms. Add a touch of Japanese elegance to your space or gift a piece of this rich heritage to a loved one.

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