Swen Losinsky

Swen Losinsky

Swen Losinsky is a true Urberliner. At Good Old Times Tattoo he’s primarily the man for large custom designs in both Traditional and Japanese styles.

Already as a child he was creative and fascinated by all kinds of art. In the 90s, he got his hands on his first few tattoo journals. Magazines such as the Tattoo Savage from England influenced his passion for tattooing.

In 1998 he came into contact with a Berlin Tattoo-Studio, where he spent his free time and thus began to assist the tattoo artists while preparing the tattoo templates.

Due to private circumstances, Swen left Berlin a year later, therefore for this time being also the tattoo studio.

In 2004, during his graphic design studies in Munich, Swen was in contact with the tattoo scene again. Thanks to this impact he made his first tattoo the following year .

After working on his craft for a few years, in 2008 he began working professionally as a tattoo artist.

This was the starting point for many years in which he gained ample experience in various studios. No matter if Streetshops or selected Custom-Studios – Swen Losinsky made a name for himself through his good work. He got many opportunities to work as a guest tattoo artist and prove his abilities at international tattoo conventions. His work was versatile and consisted mainly in lettering, traditional tattoos and elaborate black and gray tattoos. In addition to the work itself, Swen also worked intensively on studies that dealt with the aging process of tattoos. His gained experience and the fact that Traditional and Japanese Tattoos have proven to be the most durable, due to their clear imagery, have led Swen to specialize in these styles.

In the summer of 2014 he founded his studio Good Old Times Tattoo in Berlin-Mitte. The studio combines in its concept the best of Swen’s long-standing career. Both elaborate customs and spontaneous walk in designs not only impress with their looks at first glance, but also shine with their longevity.

Swen appreciates getting to know and listening to all sorts of people. The doors of Good Old Times Tattoo are just as open to regular customers as they are to those who want to convince themselves of the quality of the work offered here.

If Swen cannot be found in his shop, you will most likely find him in the Berlin and Brandenburg woods. He runs extreme sports and runs an annual adventure race in which the participants walk 250-280 km on foot within six days.

Whether running or tattooing, Swen is always focused and, thanks to his many years of experience, is an absolute professional in his craft. Although he’s mainly in charge of big custom projects at Good Old Times Tattoo, Swen Losinsky is always open to some fresh air and is happy about every new face he meets. Swen loves to work out the motifs together with the customer and to get the best out of an idea. The best way to do this is Monday-Saturday from 1900 onward. Just drop in at Good Old Times Tattoo and set the stage for the next artwork under your skin.

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