Traditional Tattoos in Central Berlin

vintage woman with traditional tattoos

At the well known Good Old Times Tattoo studio you can get the best Traditional Tattoos in Central Berlin. Classic motifs will last a lifetime and will still rock it during your Sunday walk with your granny team 😉

Eastern History

Tattoos exist since a long time. The oldest one dates 5000 years ago.

In the Edo Period, tattoo artists started tattooing Japanese workers and prostitutes with a 30-40cm long bamboo stick. Needles were positioned at the bottom of the stick, through which ink spilled. It was a common belief that the power and spirit of the designs would flow into the tattoo owner. Fireworkers used to get tattoos for protection against the fires. A famous protective tattoo is the „Rock af Ages“.

Western Traditional

In the Western World traditional tattooing starts more or less in 1877, the year in which Thomas A. Edison created the Engraving Machine. His machine is the predecessor of the modern Tattoo-Machine as we know it.

The New York tattooer Charlie Wagner invented the first Tattoo Machine in 1904. In Germany Christian Wahrlich was one of the first to work with an electric Coil-Machine.

After their long trips sailors crowded the harbours to visit tattoo studios. Common tattoos were swallows, pin ups, light hoses and ropes. These kind of designs stood for the miles sailed, for passing Cape Hoorn or reaching the Equator. Sailors and soldiers „earned“ them after finishing a task or upgrading the status quo on board. Classics non religious were feet tattoos like roosters and pigs, which protected from dying in the ocean.


Sideshows and circuses played a very big role in the traditional tattoo world.

At this time many people had their first experience with tattoos. Their magic quickly influenced kids and adults that were to be the new generation of tattooed people.

Tattoos, as a beautiful mark on the skin, need different designs. Ladies had their legs full of peacocks, butterflies and roses. Men’s chests and backs showed designs from the far east.

We would love to show you the world of traditional tattoos in central Berlin. We guarantee you a unique custom design and an unforgettable tattoo experience.

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