Cover-Up Tattoos in Berlin

Swen Losinsky working on some japanese Cover-Up tattoos in Berlin at Good Old Times Tattoo Studio

Swen Losinsky has established himself as a prominent figure with his exceptional cover-up tattoos in Berlin. Dive into our blog post to discover the best approach for your next cover-up tattoo here at Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin.

Crafting Beauty: Transforming Tattoos without using a Black Square

Our philosophy is centered around crafting exquisite cover up tattoos that steer clear of using large black areas, which might overtly hint at concealing something underneath. Even if the old tattoo or scar is faintly visible, it’s unlikely to be noticed by most people.

Look at this cover-up project! The powerful colors and subtly set details direct the eye away from the old tattoo. If you’re considering a cover up tattoo, why settle for a plain solution when you can have a stunning work of art like this? Let us help you transform your old tattoo into something truly remarkable here at Good Old Times Tattoo Berlin.

Old tattoos and scars Cover-Ups

Large scale Japanese concept works offer an ideal solution for covering up unwanted tattoos. Intricate depictions of koi fish and dragons, alongside captivating background elements, exemplify the grandeur of this artistic style.

Beyond covering old tattoos, Swen adeptly covers scars and skin imperfections. Particularly, women with scars from cesarean sections or breast surgeries have left Good Old Times as new human beings.

Swen shares, “There’s no greater satisfaction than restoring customers’ self-confidence. No longer do they feel the need to hide at the beach or in front of a partner – just a newfound zest for life.”


Before proceeding with a new cover up tattoo, it’s crucial for us to have an in-person conversation with you. Our primary focus is to understand the root of the issue – is it primarily dissatisfaction with the tattoo itself, or is there an underlying emotional component? If it’s the latter, addressing these emotional concerns should take precedence before considering a cover-up. It’s important to recognize that skin is not like paper; it’s a delicate canvas with limited opportunities for correction. Damaging it a second time can make further cover ups challenging. Let’s prioritize understanding your needs and ensuring the best possible outcome for you. We’re here to support you ❤️

Are you feeling dissatisfied with an old tattoo, or do scars evoke unpleasant memories? Allow us to assist you with remarkable cover-up tattoos in Berlin.

Drop by our Good Old Times Tattoo Studio Berlin to schedule an appointment, and let’s embark on this journey together. If you’re not local to Berlin, feel free to reach out to us using our contact form – we’re just a message away!

We’re eager to accompany you on your path to renewal ✨