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Once the tattoo is under the skin, proper tattoocare follows. Here are some relevant aspects that you should always keep in mind.


Let’s start with the foil. After tattooing a thin film is applied to protect the fresh tattoo. This should be worn for about 3 hours. It prevents dehydration and crusting caused by the lymph fluid.

the next day

After removing the film the next day, the tattoo must first be thoroughly cleaned with hot water. This is the only way to make the pores open properly so that the wound can be cleansed of blood, ink and lymph fluid, without leaving any residue. It is quite normal that the tattoo bleeds and settles on a superficial wound fluid. Even if it looks like this: the tattoo does not lose any color.


In the next 2-3 weeks the tattoo should be creamed twice a day. If you apply the cream too thickly, it could clog the pores and consecutively the wound healing process is additionally hindered. Before applying the cream you should wash the tattoo thoroughly and let it air dry for about 30 minutes. If necessary, dry the skin with a Zewa paper towel, but never use a towel. If you are traveling during the first healing days, skip the cream and wear a foil instead. In this way you protect the tattoo from foreign bodies. The general rule is: either cream or foil – they should never be applied together, otherwise the skin can not breathe.


There are a handful of products that are suitable for tattoocare. Panthenol cream by Ratiopharm from the pharmacy is recommended. Bepanthen is also often used, but it should be discouraged as many people are allergic to it.


If in the meantime the tattoo reddens, that is a sign of skin irritation, so you should better abstain from creaming for 3-4 days and let the wound heal itself in peace. The fact that a fresh tattoo itches, although incredibly nerve-wracking, is a normal side effect of wound healing. Even if it itches terribly, just keep your hands off it. Scratching and picking is an absolute no-go for healing tattoos.If you cannot stand the itching anymore, you can wrap a cool eutectic plate in a towel and cool the area down a bit.

you should avoid this

It takes a while for the pigments, which are stung into the skin when tattooing, to be encapsulated in the tissue. During the healing process, they are therefore sensitive to pressure. Please try to do as little sport as possible, which would put pressure on the affected area. The same regards to wearing tight clothing that could cause friction. In this case, extreme caution is required. Having a bath and swimming should be avoided as much as possible – showering, on the other hand, is harmless.


Anyone who has not already understood that there are healthier things for the skin rather than to lie down under a sunbed should give up the tanning for at least six weeks after tattooing at least. By the way, the “real” sun is not exactly harmless either: tattoos like to fade out under direct sunlight. Furthermore, natural skin protection is lost a bit by tattooing it, which makes the sun a lot more dangerous. Also, covering with a towel does not help: a towel does not protect against UV radiations! Given that, tattooed skin should definitely be given special consideration as far as the sunscreen is concerned.

contact with animals

Caution is also required when in contact with pets: under no circumstances animal hair or animal saliva should get on the fresh tattoo – this can lead to nasty inflammations. In general: please wash your hands before the tattoo is touched. Better once too much than once too little.

follow-up tattoocare

After about six weeks, you should come to the studio again for a follow-up. Even if the tattoo already seems healed: the entire healing process takes about 4-6 weeks. Not all tattoos need to be touched up.

your tattoocare – once again in brief

1. Foil during the first hours

2. After removing clean with hot water

3. Let dry for half an hour

4. Apply cream lightly every morning and evening

5. Neither bath (swim) nor go to a solarium

6. After 6 weeks for follow-up

If all instructions are followed, a quick and uncomplicated healing should take place without problems. Of course, if you have any questions about the care of your new tattoo, you can always ask for more info to the Good Old Times Tattoo Studio team.


before the tattoo