Custom Walk-in Tattoos

stencils of a big variety custom walk-in tattoos as oldschool und japanese tattoos available at good old times berlin

Step into the vibrant world of custom walk-in tattoos at Good Old Times Tattoo studio, where spontaneity meets artistry in the palm of your hand. Throughout the week, we offer a unique opportunity for those seeking personalized body art on the go. Our skilled artists cater to both seasoned tattoo collectors and first time enthusiasts. They’re here to bring your vision to life in a compact, palm size tattoo design tailored to your individual style and preferences.

Old School custom walk-in tattoos

With custom walk in tattoos, the possibilities are endless. For those who appreciate the timeless appeal of Old School tattoos, we offer classic motifs like anchors, swallows, hearts with banners, daggers, eagles, panther heads, ships, pin-ups, butterflies, traditional roses and so on. These classic designs feature bold lines and vibrant colors, embodying rich symbolism. They are ideal for commemorating special occasions or expressing your individuality.

If you prefer monochrome tattoos, our artists excel in creating stunning black and grey tattoos within the classic Old School style. Whether it’s a skull, a mermaid, an hourglass, or a dice, we’ll bring your chosen motif to life with expert shading and bold lines. 

Japanese custom walk-in tattoos

For enthusiasts of Japanese tattoos, delving into motifs such as animals (dragon, koi fish, foo dog, kirin, snake, frog, tiger, turtle), flowers (cherry blossoms, peony, chrysanthemum), as well as lucky charms (hoju, daruma doll, omamori, maneki-neko), and masks (Hannya, Tengu, Oni, Seven lucky gods, Kappa, Saru, Kitsune, Hyottoko) opens up a world of cultural significance and artistic expression. These iconic symbols carry deep cultural significance; moreover, they are often associated with themes of strength, resilience and rebirth.

Whether you choose a fierce dragon winding its way across your skin or a delicate cherry blossom blooming in vibrant hues, each design tells a unique story steeped in tradition and meaning.

Ink to go

Custom Walk in tattoos are always welcome at Good Old Times! Drop by our tattoo studio and explore our extensive collection of flash books with classic designs or take inspiration from our unique flash wall, where you’ll find a variety of captivating motifs to choose from. Our talented artists are ready to bring your tattoo vision to life, so come on in and let’s create something amazing together!