Rose of no mans land – TATTOO FLASH


Limited Flash-Collection done by international tattooers. The artwork is based on the theme “Rose of no man´s land” (so called nurse of the 1st World-War, 1914-1918). This rare book is limited by 300 prints and sold to public by 190.
Hard Cover
86 Artists
size A4
21cm x 30cm 
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The “Rose of No Mans Land” is a symbolic representation often associated with compassion and hope amid adversity, particularly in wartime contexts. Originating from World War I, it refers to the delicate flower that miraculously bloomed amidst the devastation of the battlefield, offering a beacon of solace and resilience to soldiers. In tattoo art, the Rose of No Mans Land motif embodies themes of bravery, survival and the enduring human spirit, making it a poignant and powerful symbol for those seeking to commemorate personal struggles or pay homage to the resilience of the human condition.

International artists have crafted limited tattoo flash designs inspired by this theme. With only 300 prints available, this rare book is a must have for collectors.

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William Ramberg
Vicky Seidel
Kai Schmidt
Jens Gössling
Kevin Berger
Christoph Wilken
Timo Vogt
Luis Marquardt
Caroline Reichel
Marco Schmidgunst
Peter Blim
Nick Caruso
Arianna Settembrino
Miroslav Tomas
Wolfram Eggers
Colin Zumbro
Sebastiaan Wilms
Martin Hofer
Dome Hermessen
Han Van Der Sluys
Greg Briko
Dan Sinnes
Eric Rieth
Marco Wagner
Peter Ziguri
Mäx Hirnböck
Sven Fide Albrand
Jan Kurze
Philip Ohme
Christof Giebe
Marek Najman
Christoph Adam
Paul Slifer
Philip Yarnell
Scott Banks
Samuele Briganti
Gary Royal
Phil Kyle
Fabian Langes
Marco Engelhardt
Erkan Keser
Tim Pausinger
Ole Kröger
Alex Dörfler
Clemens Hahn
Sebastian Martin
Felix Kienzle
King Rich
Kristin Schubert
Tanina Palazzolo
Alexander Wild
Cody Meyer
Matthias Böttcher
Sebastian Domaschke
Annie Frenzel
Urs Werner
Jaclyn Réhe
Imme Böhme
Mariano Caceres
Rodrigo Corrales
Steffi Boecker
Chirstoph Dieskau
Jens Jensen
Jorrit Sjabbens
Cory Capelli
Marshall Griffin
Nico Graniewski-Legére
Edward Teply
Rob Hostetter
Swen Losinsky
Daniel Heinen
Fabian Nitz
Peter Freitag
Mauro Quaresima
Nico Graniewski-Legére