Japanese Dragon Backpiece Print

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Japanese Dragon Backpiece Print printed on 190 gsm Hahnemühle William Turner


Since years Swen dedicates every minute in studying japanese art and tattooing. One of the results of his study is the traditional  Japanese Dragon Backpiece Print.

The Japanese dragon, considered a fascinating creature in the Land of the Rising Sun, a symbol of strength and power, is highly respected and honoured.

Japanese mythology makes use of Shinto, Buddhist and folklore beliefs for its creation story. The origin of the Japanese dragon is connected to the legend of the genesis of the universe. Shortly after the creation of heaven and earth, seven generations of kami (Japanese gods) were born. They were collectively regarded as Kamiyo-nanayo, or “Seven Generations of the Age of the Gods“. Along with other creatures, dragons have appeared to protect them, as guardians of the celestial deities.

To know more about the Japanese dragon check our blog post and get inspired for your next tattoo.

This Japanese Dragon Backpiece Print is printed on the finest 190gsm Hahnemühle William Turner. Its rough texture is close to the original painting, therefore it´s hard to see a difference between the original and the print. Top quality thanks to our partner Manifest Projects from Hannover, Germany.  

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