Benzaiten Print

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Benzaiten and Dragon Backpiece

printed on

190 gsm

Hahnemühle William Turner

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Since years Swen dedicates every minute in studying japanese art and tattooing. This Benzaiten print is printed on the finest 190gsm Hahnemühle William Turner. Its rough texture is close to the original painting, therefore it´s hard to see a difference between the original and the print. Top quality thanks to our partner Manifest Projects from Hannover, Germany.

Benzaiten, The goddess of water

Benzaiten, the “sky goddess of eloquence” is worshipped in Buddhism and Japanese culture. Her origin, however, is the Indian river goddess Sarasvati. The goddess figure of the Benten was created under the influence of various cultures, e.g. Hinduism. Descending from Sarasvati, Benzaiten is also associated with the element of water, symbolizing her as the goddess of eloquence. This interpretation is possibly due to the sound of splashing water. She is also regarded as the protector of geishas, dancers and musicians and the arts in general. A companion is always assigned to all seven gods of luck. As a water goddess, the companions of benzaites are typically a white snake or a dragon. According to a legend, she even tamed a child-eating dragon by marrying it.

The goddess of the arts is actually made to get under your skin as a work of art. As you can see on Swen’s design, the goddess Benzaiten is ideal as a Japanese tattoo for the back or a sleeve. Please contact Swen via our contact form, if you want to go deeper into the subject or if you are interested in such a large project.

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